How To Properly Care For Your Vintage Fiestaware Collection

Proper care of your vintage fiestaware collection is very important for both fiesta collectors and enthusiasts. In the case of collectors, it helps you to protect the integrity of your collection, as well as the value of your investment. For enthusiasts, proper care allows you to enjoy your fiesta dinnerware for years to come, and then hand it down to younger generations so that they may do the same.

Caring for fiestaware is not difficult. In fact, it’s really common sense, but here’s a few tips to help you to do it properly.

How To Clean Vintage Fiesta Dinnerware

For fiestaware as well as any fine china, careful hand washing is always the best method for cleaning. Pieces may be washed using a regular, mild dish soap, without lemon additives, in warm water. If your dinnerware is not used regularly and is kept in a display cabinet or stored away, it’s a good practice to hand wash the pieces at least once per year.

How To Safely Remove Utensil Marks From Fiesta

Utensil marks are often an issue for fiestaware users and collectors. Fortunately, Fiesta was designed for everyday use, and is quite well-crafted and durable. Nevertheless, utensil marks, especially on the ivory and yellow, red and light green plates can sometimes become a problem. So, how do you clean the utensil marks without damaging the glaze? In a word, Wenol.

Wenol Metal Polish is one of the most wonderful products you’ll ever come across for removal of marks on china or pottery. If you use just a small dab on a soft, moistened cloth, rub vigorously on the offending marks, rinse and dry with a soft cloth, you should get the results you desire; a mark-free fiestaware piece. The manufacturers of Wenol do not have their own website (drat), so I will not include a link in this article, however if you google “Wenol”, you’ll find several distributors, or just go to eBay and purchase it.

How To Prevent Chipping, Scratching and Other Damage of Your Fiestaware

In a word (actually two words), be careful.

  • When setting or serving your table, place the dinnerware on the table – don’t plop it down or slide it across the tabletop.
  • Handle the pieces gently – don’t “bump” pieces of your Fiesta together or against glassware or utensils.
  • Never, I repeat NEVER place fiestaware plates directly on the stovetop or in the oven.
  • When storing between usage, place paper plates in between your fiesta dinnerware plates to protect them from scratching and being bumped against one another.

How To Display Fiestaware

When displaying Fiesta either on a table, shelf or within a display cabinet, remember to use sturdy holders, especially for plates and bowls. Make certain that the holders have a smooth surface so as not to damage your fiestaware’s glaze finish. Be sure that holders are of the correct size and weight for the piece that they’re holding, and won’t tip over or allow the piece to roll away.

If you can display your fiestaware in a cabinet made for that purpose, that’s great.

However, if you don’t have a display cabinet and your Fiesta pieces are left “out”, just be sure to clean them periodically of any dust or surface dirt that may accumulate.

How To Store Your Vintage Fiestaware

If your vintage Fiesta collection is displayed or used infrequently or not at all (let’s hope not), then you will want to invest in the proper equipment to store your set, and protect it from dirt and damage.

China storage sets are a great solution, and readily available from most better department stores offering fine china. Most storage sets are moderately priced, and commonly store 12 place settings, including cups. Another option is to simply google the term “china storage set” to find a choice of online providers.

Proper care of your Fiestaware will ensure that your set remains as beautiful and functional as the day it was first purchased. And, it will extend the length of your enjoyment of your dinnerware indefinitely. So to receive the greatest benefit from your vintage fiestaware collection, use it, display it or keep it safely tucked away for special occasions, but care for it well.